T he Argon Road combines high tech and superior craftsmanship. The HWT rear is still one of the most complex technologies in aluminum frame building. One would be looking in vain to find unique CNC milled parts and high welding art, especially in a carbon frame. To this point, the Argon Road clearly fits the profile. It has a sharp-edged VCS profile with sharp-edged CNC optics and also individually shapeable framework geometry and the freedom to choose your drive system. Whether a derailleur or Gates Carbon Drive, whether single speed or Pinion P1.18, whether as a fixed track bike or as a hip urban bike, the creativity of our customers Argon Road up until now knows no bounds. With each new order came a new idea and a new style of the Argon Road. What’s your next project? Jonas Reiter Argon Road Fixed- one of a kind, not for sale, cannot be reproduced. Have no fear, invent a new ARGON Road and we’ll build it. Herausgeber | publisher NICOLAI Gesellschaft für Maschinenbau mbH Chefredaktion | chief editor Dipl. - Ing. Karlheinz Nicolai Übersetzung | translations Christopher Wefing M2ME, Hoshi Yoshida, Laurens van Rooijen, Esther Cowens Fotografie | photography Hoshi - K. Yoshida, Moritz Mußmann (MM) Gestaltung | art direction WHYEX Productions (Dipl. - Des. Hoshi - K. Yoshida) Druck | print Druckerei Dobler Alfeld/Leine, Germany You‘ll find all German authorised Nicolai dealers at http://nicolai-testcenter.blogspot.com For ordering from other countries you will find our distributors at: www.nicolai.net/5-1-Kontakt.html Alle deutschen Nicolai-Stützpunkthändler findest Du hier: http://nicolai-testcenter.blogspot.com Für Bestellungen aus anderen Ländern findest Du unsere Distributoren unter: www.nicolai.net/5-0-Kontakt.html