As you hold this 2012 catalogue in your hands the major bike industry fairs, with their 2012 innovations, are already history. In other words, this print work is late. But those who know us, know that our clocks run at a different pace. We don‘t work on innovations because a trade fair is around the corner. And what‘s at a trade fair isn‘t necessarily new, but it should be better, more sophisticated and more extensively tested. This catalogue doesn‘t show you what‘s supposed to be “revolutionary new“ for next year, rather it looks back at the turn of an eventful year. What you see here is Sascha‘s, (our Head Welder), CLOOS welding machine resting for a brief moment, the needle is still hot, the welding helmet still warm. This welding machine has completed more than 1600 operating hours this year and I can‘t tell you how many miles of the legendary NICOLAI welds it‘s drawn. From a technological point of view, the review of 2011 developments is already the preview of current innovations for 2012. The ION family has been expanded to include the ION14 and 18 models. In addition, the new E-BOXX 20 and 16 bikes have been based on the ION platform. The transmission line remains a perennial favourite with us and has been expanded to include the Helius AM Pinion. The fact that we had already built lots of custom 29er bikes back in the early days is well known; we‘ve been riding the wave for sometime already and we’ve produced pieces of art like 29er freerider and XXL tandems. Innovations as we understand the term arise out of continuous collaboration with team riders, friends, our premium dealers and of course our customers worldwide. That’s why we are quicker than most others in the end. We launched the first nationwide Germany test tour in 2011, creating opportunities to test the latest bikes and to come directly into contact with us. We did bike tours together and we exchanged ideas. This successful concept will continue in 2012. Which leaves me to say many thanks to all who keep NICOLAI alive and hope to see you again soon in 2012. intro yours Kalle