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Next Level E-Enduro

The Saturn 16 MGU integrates a number of innovative technologies into a pioneering overall system. As a 29er E-Enduro, it combines our capable Saturn full-suspension base with the Pinion E1.12 Motor.Gearbox.Unit. The MGU is a unique, new drive system that merges a wear-free, brushless high-performance motor and an electronically operated 12-speed gearbox that can be shifted under load with a 600% total gear ratio in a compact housing. Motor vehicles do not use derailleur systems for good reason. Due to the motor power alone, with the Saturn 16 MGU, an impressive 160 Nm of torque is applied to the rear wheel in first gear. Such high forces put extreme strain on a gearshift and cause heavy wear. The Pinion 12-speed gearbox installed in the Motor.Gearbox.Unit therefore relies on proven, high-load automotive technology, which uses two spur gear sets in line. Pinion gearboxes are used in mountain biking for over 10 years and have proven themselves under the toughest conditions. On the Saturn 16 MGU there is no rear derailleur that can get out of line, bend or break off, no cable tension that needs to be readjusted in order to get a clean gear change, no plate-sized cassette that collects leaves and mud. The shifting and drive components are well protected from dirt, moisture and damage in a robust, sealed housing. The Pinion MGU works extremely reliably and is virtually maintenance-free and wear-free. A simple, quick oil change is only required every 10,000 km.

Pinion Motor.Gearbox.Unit

Optimum, dynamic power delivery and lightning-fast, precise gear changes

The Pinion MGU combines the motor, gearbox, sensors and control systems into a perfectly integrated unit of a size and weight comparable to current E-MTB mid-drive motors for external gears. Just like the NICOLAI Saturn base, all components of the Pinion MGU are manufactured in Germany to the highest industry standards. The Pinion E-Drive system is powered by a compact, wear-free, brushless motor that provides a maximum output of 600 W and a maximum assists of 400 %. With a comparable drive torque of approx. 85 Nm, an impressive 160 Nm of torque is achieved at the rear wheel in first gear.

Smart.Shift - intelligent shifting

With the Pinion Smart.Shift technology and a high-resolution sensor system, gear changes on the Saturn 16 MGU take place within a fraction of a second and are absolutely smooth, even under load. The optimized ergonomics and haptics of the electronic TE1 trigger provide an intuitive shifting experience with crisp feedback. Thanks to Smart.Shift technology, the Saturn 16 MGU knows when the ideal moment for a gear change is. When using the optional Pre.Select and Start.Select functions, the MGU can therefore also perform gear changes automatically. With Pre.Select, the system automatically shifts to the optimum gear for the respective speed. For example, when riding downhill without pedaling, you can start off pedaling again immediately without kicking into a gap or having to shift down several gears manually. If you use Start.Select, the MGU automatically shifts to a preselected gear, preventing you from having to start off in the wrong gear.

E-Assist modes

The e-drive system of the Saturn 16 MGU features four assist modes: ECO is set for maximum range. With FLY, the full power of the drive can be accessed at any time. FLOW and FLEX are adaptive modes. They are configured progressively and adapt the level of assistance perfectly suited to the current riding situation and the respective terrain. A start assist and an extra boost are also available. All modes can be adapted to your individual needs and preferences using the FIT E-Bike Control app.

Remote LED control unit

The Remote LED control unit has an integrated display that provides excellent readability in all lighting conditions. In addition to providing basic riding data such as speed, range, state of charge and assist mode, it can be used to control and manage a variety of other functions. The navigation menu is designed to be particularly intuitive. In combination with the FIT E-Bike Control app, features such as tour planning and navigation can also be used. By activating Komoot in the smartphone app, the display can then be used for turn-by-turn navigation.


Fully integrated Ultracore 720 or partially integrated Ultracore 960

The Saturn 16 MGU is powered by the latest generation of lithium-ion battery cells. An intelligent battery management system protects against overloading. We offers two battery sizes to choose from: the fully integrated Ultracore 720 and the semi-integrated Ultracore 960. The numbers indicate the capacity in watt hours. The battery can be charged via a charging socket in the bike or when removed. A long-life mode enables intelligent charging and significantly increases the battery life. The Ultracore 720 battery is included in the basic configuration. The Ultracore 960 is optionally available and is combined with our toolbox that is perfectly integrated at the transition from the battery to the motor.gearbox.unit.

Gates Carbon Drive

Clean, smooth, durable

The Gates Carbon Drive is a carbon fiber reinforced drive belt that transfert the power efficiently, smoothly and play-free to the rear wheel without stretching. A center guide prevents it from coming off. Unlike a chain, the Gates Carbon Drive requires neither lubrication nor special care. Dirt and mud can simply be rinsed off with water. The service life of a Carbon Drive can exceed that of a conventional chain-and-sprocket drive many times over.

GBT3 Belt Tensioner

Gates Carbon Drive x Enduro E-MTB´s

The GBT3 belt tensioner allows the Gates Carbon Drive to be used on an enduro E-MTB with long travel and a high swingarm pivot point. With this suspension design, there is a considerable increase in distance between the bottom bracket axle and the rear wheel axle when the suspension compresses. The job of the belt tensioner is to compensate for the difference in length of the belt.

Overload Bashguard

For intensive MTB off-road use

The Overload Bashguard from UT is specially designed for Gates Carbon Drive pulleys on Pinion transmissions. In intensive MTB off-road use the front pulley can hit rocks or tree trunks. The Overload Bash Guard is robust enough to protect the drive from damage and prevents the belt from jumping off thanks to its side flange. When riding in muddy conditions or snow, it also reduces soiling of the pulley.

Insert Bearings

four-fold sealed full-ball groove and angular contact ball bearings

The rear end of a full-suspension bike is subjected to high dynamic loads during riding. The focus here is on the bearing points where the forces are transmitted between the components. The full-ball, double-sealed bearings installed on our frames are made by the ENDURO brand. They not only have top marks for power transmission, but also a particularly low breakaway torque, which ensures sensitive, smooth suspension response. At the same time, they offer the best possible sealing against dirt and moisture for a long service life and long maintenance intervals.

Explorer Kit

turns the Saturn 16 MGU into an SUV

If you would like to use the Saturn 16 MGU as an SUV, commuter or daily ride, the bike can be fitted with the Explorer Kit, that is optionally available. The kit includes robust mudguards, a sturdy luggage rack and a street legal, high-powered lights set. Schwalbe Johnny Watts tires reduce roll resistance. An ergonomic SQLab cockpit allows for an even more comfortable riding position. This makes the Saturn 16 MGU equally suited to everyday use and adventures. For the Explorer configuration, we recommend the larger Ultracore 960 instead of the 720 Wh battery of the standard configuration, which is then always combined with a toolbox that is perfectly integrated between the battery and the Motor.Gearbox.Unit.

Topology optimisation

Computer-aided design to optimize durability, function and weight

When designing turned and milled parts, we use FEM software (Finite Element Method), which allows us to simulate the loads that will occur in later use in order to determine the optimum shape (topology) of these components. Critical structural areas become visible this way and can be strengthened by adding material, whereas material can be saved at less stressed areas. This way we can produce highly complex parts and assemblies for our frames that combine maximum durability with minimum weight.

HMT - Hollow Milled Technology

Load and weight-optimized, hollow milled volumetric components

Hollow Milled technology is a design and manufacturing process that allows for maximum material and weight savings in the CNC production of highly stressed volume components without weakening the construction. For this purpose, the stress zones in the material are determined by computer simulation during the design phase. Highly stressed areas can thus be reinforced, while material can be saved in less stressed areas. This method is called topology optimization. Thanks to the deployment of state-of-the-art 5-axis milling machines, we are able to manufacture highly complex, hollow milled frame components from a single piece and transfer the optimized design with the highest level of detail. 

5 frame sizes

Adaptive geometry and load-dependent modification

For this frame we offer 5 sizes from S to XXL, suitable for body heights of 1.55 and 2.10. A chart of body and frame sizes can be found in the Tech Sheets attachment to this model. Building a perfectly fitting frame means more than just scaling its initial shape. Here we take into account various factors in terms of body proportions and rider weights, for example adapted tube cross-sections, modified riding angles and low standover heights for S-sizes as well as frame reinforcements that take into account the heavier weight and greater body strength of XXL riders. For fine-tuning the geometry, saddle position, stem height, or handlebar width and angle can be adjusted.

Powder coating and anodizing


In addition to the basic configuration, in which we offer the frame without color in brushed aluminum look as Factory Raw with black anodized, mounted milled parts, there is the option of individual color choice. In our in-house powder coating facility, we process over 50 colors, each of which can be applied in high-gloss or silk matte.

7020 Aluminum

Sustainable and durable, the stuff of dreams

All of NICOLAI frames are made of 7020-T6 aircraft aluminum and we are convinced that this alloy is the superior material for the construction of mountain bikes. Compared to the 6061-T6 (AlMg1SiCu) alloy normally used in bicycle construction, 7020-T6 (AlZn4.5Mg1) has about 30% higher tensile strength and about 20% higher elastic limit. And where carbon frames can spontaneously break and collapse in the event of an overload, NICOLAI bikes are calculated and designed to deform in a defined area of the frame in the event of an overload, significantly reducing the risk of serious crashes and injuries. A NICOLAI aluminum frame is designed to withstand many years even under tough competition conditions.

NICOLAI Welding Technology

Craftsmanship and engineering in perfection

We weld our frames manually using the TIG process. Our welders are specially trained and with many years of experience. For each model and frame size, a precise welding fixture is built, called a frame gauge. Here, the CNC-cut tube sets with all turned and milled parts of a frame that are to be welded are precisely put together and fastened. The frame parts are first tack-welded at exactly specified points and in a defined sequence and then, in order to minimize distortion and stresses, welded in several runs.

Warranty and spare parts supply

We provide a 5-year warranty on all frame models against breakage and material failure, even in racing use or when jumping. The prerequisite is that the respective models are used within the scope of their designated purpose and have been equipped only with the components for which there is an approval. In addition, we guarantee a spare parts supply for all models over a period of at least 10 years. Since we manufacture all parts of our frames in-house and on our own machines, it is even possible to reproduce spare parts beyond the 10-year period in some cases.


We have developed an elaborate reusable bike box for our mail-order shipping. In it, the new NICOLAI bike arrives protected in a wooden frame and guaranteed safe at the customer and is ready for use after a few simple steps. The same box is reused when the bike is returned to us for repair or service. All shipping protections of the bike box such as pads, lashing straps, brackets and screw connections are also reusable.