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Have you bought a NICOLAI frame or bike from us and it’s time for a SERVICE? Would you like to have the bearings replaced or you are in the mood for a fresh powder coat? Is a component is causing problems and you want to claim under warranty? We take responsibility for our NICOLAI products – the only condition is that the bike is used correctly in accordance with the operating instructions. This page deals with

NICOLAI BIKEBOX, inspection, repair, storage, service, powder coating, warranty and guarantee.

In order to keep the processing time low and to carry out the service effectively, we need detailed information about your product and your request.

Following your request, a service representative will contact you as soon as possible.



In order to be able to carry out maintenance, repair and warranty claims correctly, Nicolai GmbH may have to collect the bike from you. In order that the bike does not suffer any transport damage on the way to us, it should be transported with the help of the newly developed “Nicolai-BIKEBOX”. This box can be used several times and is collapsible and easy to store.


After 100-300 kilometres, bolts and interfaces will have “bedded-in” and it is sensible to carry out some basic maintenance. This includes all bolts, interfaces, and spoke tensions which are checked and tightened if necessary. In addition, the gear shifting and various bearing tolerances are checked. If anything unusual or faulty is found, we will contact you.


After 10 months or 1200 km (whichever comes first), it is advisable to carry out annual maintenance. This can be booked at the bike dealer of your choice or directly with NICOLAI GmbH. The time period and necessity have little to do with the robust NICOLAI frame at the heart of your bike, but rather with the suggested service intervals and wear and tear of the suspension components, brakes and gears.


The old adage says: “Where there is planing, there are chips”. Even the best MTB product can fail under certain conditions. A sharp rock on the trail and a rim can be ruined. A crash in the wrong place and the handlebars are bent. The causes are many and varied and these points have nothing to do with guarantee, warranty or maintenance. Nevertheless, we want you to get back on your bike quickly.


We only use 4-way sealed full complement bearings for our NICOLAI frames and can, therefore, guarantee a long service life of the bearings. However, after a few years, it is inevitable that the bearings should be serviced


Have you been riding your NICOLAI bike for several years now and are looking for a new frame colour? Have the years of flying rocks, mud, and bike racks made your paintwork look tired? Find out more about the possibilities of giving your frame a new coat of paint.


If a material or manufacturing fault should appear despite handling your Nicolai bike correctly, the legal regulations apply. Information on the terms of the Nicolai warranty can be found in our general terms and conditions.