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Would you like to finance your new NICOLAI bike through your employer or as a self-employed person? We will show you how it works.

In cooperation with our partner we offer employees and self-employed persons the opportunity to ride a new NICOLAI bike of their choice as a company bike while profiting from tax advantages.

Your employer is not a partner of No problem, we work with other leasing providers too:

If you are an employee, your employer leases a bike for you. As with a car lease, the bike remains property of the leasing company, but you are entitled to ride it without restriction for the duration of the lease, usually 3 years. You can therefore use your new bike as normal for sports, leisure and vacations - and of course for commuting to work.

With a bike lease you save up to 40% compared to a regular purchase. The lease payments are deducted from your gross salary and automatically transferred by your employer.

Talk to your employer and tell them about your intention to lease a new NICOLAI as a company bike. Calculate your individual savings advantage easily with the advantage calculator. At this point, it is best to create a customer account for leasing and then contact a NICOLAI customer consultant to get an offer for your desired bike. If you decide to accept the offer, we will pass it on to the leasing provider. It's that simple.

If you are self-employed, the process is similar. Of course, the leasing is then through your own company. You should then also calculate whether buying the bike as a company vehicle with full depreciation may be the more attractive option for you.

Chances are, your employer is already working with a different leasing provider. That is no problem at all. NICOLAI is a partner of all known leasing providers. The handling via alternative providers is very similar. If your employer does not have any leasing partner yet, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will take care that a leasing company will contact your employer.


How does NICOLAI bike leasing work?

Your employer leases a new NICOLAI bike of your choice as a company bike for you. You can use it without restrictions, for the way to work as well as for sports, leisure time and vacations.

How long is the leasing duration?

The leasing contract runs for 36 months. During this time, your employer retains a part of your monthly gross salary and uses it to pay the leasing rate for your bike.

What is the advantage for me when leasing a bike?

Since the leasing rates are paid from the gross salary via salary conversion, the tax burden and social security contributions are reduced, so that the net burden of leasing a company bike is significantly lower than the leasing rate. The favorable 0.25% rule applies to the taxation of the non-cash benefit of a company bike. This means that employees save up to 40 percent compared to direct purchase when buying a bicycle or e-bike.

What happens at the end of the leasing period? or the respective leasing partner will make you an attractive offer to buy your NICOLAI company bike at the end of the leasing period. If you do not want to accept this offer, the leasing provider will then take the bike back.

Can I lease a new bike directly after the end of the leasing period?

Yes, no problem. This way you can ensure that you are always riding a current model with the latest technology.

Can I choose any NICOLAI bike I want to lease?

Yes. All NICOLAI bikes from a minimum order value of 749 € incl. VAT are possible, also reduced bikes from our offers.

What happens if my leased bike gets stolen?

With, but also with other providers, your bike is automatically insured against theft.

Can I change or return the bike if I don't like it or it doesn't fit me?

Of course, we try to rule that out in advance through qualified advice, but yes. A return or swap is possible within a 30-day return period before the digital takeover confirmation.

Can I lease Nicolai accessories in addition to my new bike?

Yes, this is also possible. Luggage racks, lights or mudguards, for example, are leasable accessories and can be ordered together with the bike. Leasable accessories are all parts that are firmly attached to the bike.

Can only I use the bike or can other people use it too?

All persons belonging to your household may use the bike.

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You still have questions about bike leasing? On the website you will find detailed information and contacts. For advice and help with all your questions about NICOLAI bikes and the ordering process, please contact our customer service.