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Discover the new E-MTB models. To the bikes


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  • Fox Factory suspension
  • SRAM GX Eagle Transmission gearshift
  • DT Swiss XM 1700 wheel set


Light, fast, electrifying

The Saturn 14 SWIFT TNS builds upon the HLS and comes with a configuration that leaves hardly any wishes unfulfilled: With Fox Factory suspension, a premium Newmen cockpit and the excellent Sram XO Eagle groupset, there is little that could be improved here. This trail rocket meets exceptionally high standards. A Saturn 14 SWIFT is the perfect machine for all those for whom the previous EMTBs are too heavy, too sluggish and too far removed from the original concept of mountain biking - but for whom a minimal assist drive is also out of question because the benefit is simply too small. The fascinating and sporty appeal of the Saturn SWIFT is, in addition to the agile handling, action-ready geometry, high-performance suspension and comfortably low weight, above all the natural ride feel due to the dynamic, cadence-dependent power output. This absolutely reflects the spirit of mountain biking: the harder and faster you pedal, the more you enjoy the riding dynamics and the flow factor. The more you are rewarded. And when you really get your pulse racing, the SWIFT adds a whopping 600 watts of power - for the fastest trail attacks and summit raids of all time.



The Saturn 14 SWIFT TNS builds upon the HLS and comes with a configuration that leaves hardly any wishes unfulfilled: With Fox Factory suspension, a premium Newmen cockpit and the excellent Sram XO Eagle groupset, there is little that could be improved here. This trail rocket meets exceptionally high standards.

System integration

Technical integration of the Bosch drive in all details

As a Bosch partner, we have been working closely with the world's leading developer of e-bike drives for many years and are very familiar with their technology. That's why we don't talk about installing the BOSCH drive, but about integration. This means taking into account a wide range of technical aspects concerning the drive itself, its secondary characteristics as well as the entire periphery.

Geolution Trail

Singletrail optimized geometry with enduro potential

The roots of the Geolution concept lie in Enduro racing, and even if the general trend in frame geometries is slowly approaching this concept, Geolution can still be seen as a radical design in which the performance aspect has top priority. But not all our customers also put the emphasis here or aim for top rankings in enduro contests. They are more interested in a universally usable bike that can climb well, master any trail and has great downhill capabilities. Our Geolution Trail geometry appeals to exactly this clientele by taking the basic characteristics of the Geolution concept, such as the flat head angle and long reach, and transferring them to a more moderate, less racy geometry. The seating position is more upright, the bike is more agile and responsive. But the Geolution DNA remains.

Suspension and Kinematics

Alongside the geometry, the suspension of a mountain bike, in particular the design of the suspended rear end, is a decisive factor for riding fun and performance. We want to combine with our SWIFT models a competitive performance and maximum fun on the trail with a high efficiency when pedaling and therefore build our rear ends based on the Horst-Link design. Horst-Link is the name given to the pivot that is located at the end of the chainstay in front of the rear axle and counteracts the shortening of the wheelbase during compression.

Bosch Power

Bosch SX motor - lightweight and compact

The Bosch SX motor is a completely newly designed drive and provides the basis for the Nicolai Saturn SWIFT models. With a total weight of only 2.05 kg, it saves over 1 kg in weight compared to the CX motor used in the EMTB segment so far. It also establishes a new mounting standard for the first time, which also allows for a lighter construction of the frame. In combination with the likewise new, internal Compact Tube 400 Wh battery with a weight of only 2.0 kg, the result is an unmatched system weight of only 4.05 kg.

Bosch Power Tube 400 battery and range extender

Maximum energy density at minimum weight

The Saturn SWIFT is standard equipped with the Bosch Power Tube 400 battery providing a capacity of 400 Wh at a weight of only 2 kg. For greater range, the Bosch Range Extender can be used, a compact 250 Wh add-on battery that attaches to the downtube's bottle cage mount, where it has sufficient space to fit all frame sizes. Despite the Range Extender option, Nicolai has decided against a fixed mounting of the main battery and designed the frame in a way that the battery can be changed in an instant without tools. The idea is that for extended tours and big days on the mountain, a second Power Tube 400 battery, weighing only 2 kg, can be carried in the backpack, increasing the total capacity to 800 Wh. The advantage being that the battery can be swapped quickly, since you then no longer have to worry about range anxiety even on alpine day tours.

Smart System and eBike Flow App

Always informed and oriented

The motor unit is interconnected with the other system components such as the battery, display and control unit via the Bosch Smart System. Using the eBike Flow app on the smartphone, the riding modes can be configured and adapted to personal preferences and requirements. Likewise, functions such as navigation or theft protection can be used via the eBike Flow app. System updates and extensions can be downloaded via the app and easily installed to the Smart System via Bluetooth. With the eBike Flow app and the Smart System, the SWIFT always remains up to date and can be continuously upgraded with new functions.

Bosch Purion 200 Display

Everything in view

The new Bosch Purion 200 control unit has been improved in terms of its ergonomics and readability and features a high-contrast 1.6" color display that provides information on all key riding data: SOC, selected assist mode, speed, range, riding distance and time. Additional functions can be added and configured via the eBike Flow app on your smartphone.



To get the maximum potential from a suspension system, after the frame design, the choice of the right suspension components is crucial. On all models, we use modified custom shocks as needed, whose shim stacks ( components within the shock that regulate oil flow and damping resistance) are individually matched to the riding requirements and kinematics designs of our bikes.

UDH Option

Rear derailleur mount to UDH standard for SRAM T-Type rear derailleurs

With the UDH standard, a SRAM Eagle Transmission ie T-Type rear derailleur or a UDH derailleur hanger for regular rear derailleurs can be mounted directly on the thru axle of the frame rear. T-Type rear derailleurs are designed significantly sturdier than regular derailleurs and thus more resistant to bending or breaking away. In addition, the higher torsional stiffness ensures increased shifting precision. If a derailleur hanger for a regular rear derailleur is used, it is now standardized according to UDH, which means that it fits universally, which simplifies the supply of spare parts significantly. Nicolai models with UDH option are backwards compatible and can also be equipped with a regular derailleur and hanger combination. Unfortunately, a UDH retrofit on models without UDH option or UDH dropouts is not possible.

5 frame sizes

Adaptive geometry and load-dependent modification

For this frame we offer 5 sizes from S to XXL, suitable for body heights of 1.55 and 2.10. A chart of body and frame sizes can be found in the Tech Sheets attachment to this model. Building a perfectly fitting frame means more than just scaling its initial shape. Here we take into account various factors in terms of body proportions and rider weights, for example adapted tube cross-sections, modified riding angles and low standover heights for S-sizes as well as frame reinforcements that take into account the heavier weight and greater body strength of XXL riders. For fine-tuning the geometry, saddle position, stem height, or handlebar width and angle can be adjusted.

Powder coating and anodizing


In addition to the basic configuration, in which we offer the frame without color in brushed aluminum look as Factory Raw with black anodized, mounted milled parts, there is the option of individual color choice. In our in-house powder coating facility, we process over 50 colors, each of which can be applied in high-gloss or silk matte.

7020 Aluminum

Sustainable and durable, the stuff of dreams

All of NICOLAI frames are made of 7020-T6 aircraft aluminum and we are convinced that this alloy is the superior material for the construction of mountain bikes. Compared to the 6061-T6 (AlMg1SiCu) alloy normally used in bicycle construction, 7020-T6 (AlZn4.5Mg1) has about 30% higher tensile strength and about 20% higher elastic limit. And where carbon frames can spontaneously break and collapse in the event of an overload, NICOLAI bikes are calculated and designed to deform in a defined area of the frame in the event of an overload, significantly reducing the risk of serious crashes and injuries. A NICOLAI aluminum frame is designed to withstand many years even under tough competition conditions.

Topology optimization

Computer-aided design to optimize durability, function and weight

When designing turned and milled parts, we use FEM software (Finite Element Method), which allows us to simulate the loads that will occur in later use in order to determine the optimum shape (topology) of these components. Critical structural areas become visible this way and can be strengthened by adding material, whereas material can be saved at less stressed areas. This way we can produce highly complex parts and assemblies for our frames that combine maximum durability with minimum weight.

NICOLAI Welding Technology

Craftsmanship and engineering in perfection

We weld our frames manually using the TIG process. Our welders are specially trained and with many years of experience. For each model and frame size, a precise welding fixture is built, called a frame gauge. Here, the CNC-cut tube sets with all turned and milled parts of a frame that are to be welded are precisely put together and fastened. The frame parts are first tack-welded at exactly specified points and in a defined sequence and then, in order to minimize distortion and stresses, welded in several runs.

Warranty and spare parts supply

We provide a 5-year warranty on all frame models against breakage and material failure, even in racing use or when jumping. The prerequisite is that the respective models are used within the scope of their designated purpose and have been equipped only with the components for which there is an approval. In addition, we guarantee a spare parts supply for all models over a period of at least 10 years. Since we manufacture all parts of our frames in-house and on our own machines, it is even possible to reproduce spare parts beyond the 10-year period in some cases.


We have developed an elaborate reusable bike box for our mail-order shipping. In it, the new NICOLAI bike arrives protected in a wooden frame and guaranteed safe at the customer and is ready for use after a few simple steps. The same box is reused when the bike is returned to us for repair or service. All shipping protections of the bike box such as pads, lashing straps, brackets and screw connections are also reusable.