EBOXX 2022


NICOLAI has completely revised the chassis for the 2022 EBOXX. For the elaborate frame construction, the manufacturer traditionally uses 7020-T6 aluminum, which has an approximately 30% higher tensile strength and an approximately 20% higher elastic limit compared to the 6061-T6 alloy commonly used in bicycle construction. The argument of sustainability in terms of recycling and the goal of a complete circular economy are also important arguments for the manufacturer. Production of the NICOLAI EBOXX series takes place entirely in the company’s own factory at its German site in Mehle, Lower Saxony.

G1 or GT1


G1 EBOXX – Geolution, Exclusive Enduro Competition Geometry. Geolution is a unique geometry concept developed by NICOLAI in cooperation with Chris Porter from the English brand GEOMETRON. Based on the idea that a longer wheelbase, a slacker steering angle and a steeper seat angle make the bike safer, faster, smoother and easier to climb. Climbing characteristics are improved because the steep seat angle and long front end position the rider centrally preventing front wheel lift on steep climbs.

BOSCH Performance Line CX

Smart System

The NICOLAI models G1 EBOXX MR14, GT1 EBOXX MR14, G1 EBOXX QLF and GT1 EBOXX QLF are equipped with the BOSCH Performance Line CX Smart System, which has been completely revised in its 5th generation. The base of this system was designed for future expansion and is formed by all the BOSCH modules installed on the NICOLAI EBOXX: The 5th Gen. Performance Line CX motor, a new Connect standard for charging socket and charger, the 750Wh battery, the new BOSCH LED remote control unit and a completely newly developed Kiox 300 display.



The BOSCH Kiox on-board computer serves as the control center for the E-BOXX models. For 2021, the unit has been revised once again and the ergonomics improved. The scratch-resistant, large color display is optimally readable in all lighting conditions thanks to adaptive brightness control. In addition to the standard functions such as riding mode display, speed, battery charge, distance and range, the gear engaged at any given time is also displayed in combination with the Rohloff E14 gearshift.



With the BOSCH LED Remote, the NICOLAI EBOXX receives a completely new control unit for the BOSCH Smart System. Ensuring intuitive operation and providing haptic feedback through detent buttons and visual feedback through LED light bars to display the selected riding mode.

BOSCH Kiox 300 Display


The 2022 Kiox 300 display is also a new development featuring a significantly larger, higher-resolution and higher-contrast display, along with a scratch-resistant coating and automatic adaptive brightness control making it easily readable in any light conditions. In addition to the standard functions such as riding mode display, speed, battery charge, distance and range, it offers numerous additional functions.

BOSCH eBike Flow App


The new BOSCH eBike Flow app for smartphones communicates with the BOSCH on-board system via Bluetooth. It serves as a route planner, navigation system, data logger and control center. The current charge status of the bike or inspection intervals can be viewed at any time.


As a BOSCH partner, we have been working closely with the world’s leading developer of e-bike drives for many years and are very familiar with their technology. That is why we do not speak of installing the BOSCH drive but of integration. This means taking into account a wide range of technical aspects concerning the drive itself, its secondary characteristics and the entire periphery.



BOSCH has also improved its sensor technology and software to achieve even more sensitive response and smoother power delivery. A 32-bit processor processes a large number of sensor signals, which are called up over 1000 times per second, for optimum power characteristics in the selected driving mode. In the new Extended Boost mode, for example, the rider can effortlessly climb off-road steps or obstacles without a full turn of the crank and the risk of pedaling. A short pedal impulse is enough, the BOSCH program recognizes the situation and pushes the rear wheel.



The suffix QLF identifies the EBOXX models with derailleur gears. QLF, pronounced Külf, is the name of a forested mountain range in the Leinebergland, the home of NICOLAI. Crisscrossed with challenging single trails, the Külf is a popular biking spot and the preferred stomping ground when the NICOLAI crew swing themselves onto the saddle.


In order to achieve the maximum potential of a suspension system, the choice of the right suspension elements is the decisive factor after the frame design. NICOLAI uses in its EBOXX models exclusively shocks and forks from the US market leader FOX and the exclusive Italian racing forge EXT. FOX has been the high-end MTB supplier from the beginning. As a technology leader, FOX repeatedly sets the benchmark with its products, against which the other brands must be measured.


All EBOXX models are available either as a frame kit or complete bike with various features and options. For example, you can also choose ‘SUV’ tires, if the bike is to be used mainly for touring on paved roads but also occasionally off them. The SCHWALBE Jonny Watts tires have been developed specifically for this purpose. On hard surfaces they roll particularly easily and quietly, but also still offer very good grip when it goes off-road.


What started out as fun has become one of our best sellers. The Explorer Kit offers our valued Nicolai customers a variety of uses: An eMTB as a commuter bike? Why not! Just ride your favorite trail to work all week long. With storage space for a few purchases, lighting for one more extra lap on the hometrail and a lock so that your favorite machine is also safely waiting for you in front of the bakery. In the summer cycling through the Alps? No problem! We do not care about traditional conventions. The kit is available for all EBOXX 2020 models. It consists of SKS® mudguards, SUPERNOVA® lighting system, ABUS® security lock, PLETSCHER® side stand as well as a TUBUS® luggage rack and ORTLIEB® panniers. If you do not need everything, you can order many components individually.



All NICOLAI models are offered in 5 frame sizes, from S to XXL. This means that customers with body sizes between 1.55 and 2.10 meters can be optimally served, a range that few other brands provide. Building a perfectly fitting frame means much more than just scaling its basic shape. We take various factors into account here with regard to body proportions and rider weights, for example adapted tube cross-sections and particularly low step-in and protrusion heights for S sizes or frame reinforcements that take into account the high weight and greater body strength of XXL frame riders. Production at our own site also allows us to customize our products specifically for people with handicaps or special needs.


We provide a 5-year warranty on all frame models against breakage and material failure, even in racing use or jumps. The prerequisite is that the respective models are used within the scope of their designated purpose and have only been equipped with components for which an approval has been obtained. In addition, we guarantee the supply of spare parts for all models for a period of at least 10 years.



A NICOLAI bike is easily recognized, even without the brand lettering, by its characteristic wide-scaled welds and the machined aesthetics of the milled parts. Nothing is sanded down or concealed. The industrial design language is not an end in itself. It traces the product’s development process, makes the logic of the design transparent and reveals its properties and functions. This not only creates trust in the product, in its quality and durability, but also ensures a high identification potential of our brand within a constantly growing fan community.


In addition to the geometry and chassis of an MTB, a particular design focus is the suspended rear triangle, a decisive factor for fun and performance. NICOLAI wants to combine within its EBOXX models competitive performance, maximum trail fun and high pedaling efficiency, therefore constructing its rear triangles based on the proven, classic Horst Link design.


Geolution was developed by us in cooperation with Chris Porter from the English brand GEOMETRON. The concept is based on the idea that a longer wheelbase, a flatter steering angle and a steeper seat angle make the bike faster, smoother, easier to climb and safer. Climbing characteristics are improved because the steep seat angle and long front end position the rider to prevent the front wheel from rising on steep climbs.


When designing turned and milled parts, we use FEM software (Finite Element Method), which can be used to simulate the loads that will occur in later use in order to determine the optimum shape (topology) of these components. Critical areas of the design become visible in this way and can be strengthened by adding material, whereas material and weight can be saved in areas subject to less stress.


Made in Germany

The manufacturing quality in itself is not yet an added value for a customer. The following two added values “longevity & precise riding characteristics” result from the manufacturing quality. Only if the welds are welded deep into the root and have no notches, a bike frame can withstand the impacts from the ground for many years without breaking. Precise driving characteristics are achieved when the rear wheel is precisely straight to the front wheel and even a layman notices that a crooked bike drives funny (but usually thinks that it is due to his driving skills).



We remain true to our philosophy that 7020-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum is the superior material for mountain bike construction: all milling and cutting scraps, as well as discarded frames, are 100% recycled into the starting material, which can then be used to create new, high-quality bikes again.


The so-called swingarm - MUTATOR is also a newly developed by us component on the rear swingarm, which combines many functions in only one component:

The mutators are available in different lengths (33, 41 and 47mm). In this way, only by exchanging a mutator, the length of the swingarm can "grow" with the frame height according to our GEOLUTION concept.


For double the range, a second battery can be carried, for which we offer an optional secure quick mount on the top tube. Unlike e-bikes with two battery slots, where both batteries usually always have to be inserted, customers here have the choice between double the range or a significantly lighter bike.



With a NICOLAI frame you determine the design. Each Nicolai frame can be produced in color according to your preferences. Choose from the different frame colors, anodized colors for bell cranks and cable holders as well as frame decor to give the frame your individual touch.


Rear Aligning Dropout

So that you hit on the trail also every track, we mount on all frames a positive sliding, replaceable dropout for track and camber adjustment. By the differently milled, right dropouts to adjust the camber, the rear must be readjusted after assembly only slightly. This relieves the material. The respective camber height is milled into the RADO with the numbers 0, 1, 2 or -1 and -2. After toe and camber have been set, the RADO is fixed at the factory with a pin. This makes it easy to reproduce the original setting when replacing it. Only in this way can we guarantee that NICOLAI products function precisely on the track.


NICOLAI frame kits and complete wheels are offered through direct sales and can either be ordered as a regular model variant or individually assembled with a variety of equipment options via an online configurator. Personal discussions and direct contact with our customers are our top priority. With a test bike selection, we regularly visit bike parks and trail centers, where interested parties can extensively test our bikes after prior registration and receive individual advice.


The EBOXX 2022 can be individually defined as a complete wheel in the configurator. Components from the manufacturers FOX, EXT, ROCK SHOX, INTEND, HOPE, MAGURA, TUNE, CONTINENTAL, SRAM, LEVELNINE are available.