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A gravel bike’s potential should shine on asphalt as well as on gravel and in light off-road terrain. The decisive factor here is correctly placing the bike along the wide spectrum from road performance to off-road capability, the bike wants to set the pace and the range that it can optimally cover. A gain in off-road performance through wider tires and a more upright riding position goes hand in hand with a loss of road speed and range due to higher air volume and rolling resistance. If, on the other hand, the focus is set more towards the road, narrower tires quickly reach their limits off-road and a front-heavy riding position makes handling more difficult. A classic conflict of objectives, in which NICOLAI’s Argon GX shows new and very interesting solutions. The Argon GX is a new addition to the Argon family, which includes lightweight NICOLAI hardtails and classics such as the Argon CC, Argon FR and Argon Road. The name comes from the gas argon, which is used as an inert protective atmosphere when welding the frames. GX stands for Gravel plus Cross.


Ein NICOLAI erkennt man immer an seinen Schweissnähten.

A NICOLAI bike is easily recognizable even without branding, its characteristic scaled welds and the machined aesthetics of the milled parts. Nothing is sanded down or concealed. The industrial design language is not an end product in itself. It reflects the product’s development process, shows off the design logic and reveals its properties and functions. This not only creates trust in the product, in its quality and durability, but also ensures a highly identifiable brand with a constantly growing and loyal fan community.

Hollow Mill

Milling art / Organic shapes

NICOLAI manufactures all frame components and tube sets of the Argon GX in its own German factory. In addition to its many years of experience, the manufacturer relies on topology optimization during the design process, a computer-aided simulation of the forces that will be found in the real world. This process enables the construction of particularly durable but lightweight components and assemblies. Thanks to modern 5-axis CNC machines, there are virtually no limits to NICOLAI’s ability to produce complex, optimized 3D milled parts. Particular characteristics found on the Argon GX such as the seat stay yoke or the combined bottom bracket/chain stay yoke are made possible by our so-called ‘Hollow Mill’ technology.



The frame of the Argon GX is made of 7020-T6 aircraft aluminum not only for comfort through absorption and self-damping, especially considering the off-road capability of a gravel bike, the tires are an important core factor. The wider the tires, the lower the air pressure that can be run without risking a puncture, lower pressure means a larger contact patch for the tire off-road increasing grip and safety. The Argon GX can accommodate tires up to 45mm wide on 28 inch wheels or 50mm wide on 27.5 inch wheels, putting it at the upper end of the scale compared to other gravel bikes.



The decision is yours. The ARGON GX has three bottle cage mounts in all frame sizes from S to XXL. From now on we can also deliver your NICOLAI directly with the NICOLAI x FIDLOCK water bottle. With the 0.6 liter TWIST bottle, Fidlock sets standards for optimally functioning drink bottles.

Pinion Option


Many NICOLAI models can be equipped with a Pinion GmbH gearbox on request. The transmission is low-maintenance and optimally integrated into the bicycle frame. The central centre of gravity and the lighter rear wheel bring noticeable advantages in handling, driving dynamics and rear-end performance. The transmission reacts to shift commands at lightning speed. The Argon GX PI will be available from May 2021.



The cables and lines on the Argon GX are routed via minimalist, screwed guide clips in the down tube so the bike appears clean and tidy, which further emphasizes the technical aesthetics of the frame. There are multiple options at the front of the down tube on both sides. This allows for a variety of routing options including routing for a Shimano Di2 electronic shifting system and for a dropper seatpost.


Flat Mount 140

Like mountain bikes, gravel bikes are equipped with disc brakes. This ensures a sensitive dosage of braking force with a constant pressure point regardless of dirt and weather. The Argon GX uses the new Flat Mount 140 standard, which allows a particularly compact, lighter brake design.

7020-T6 Aluminium


The frame of the Argon GX is made from 7020-T6 aircraft aluminum (AlZn4.5Mg1), which has a 30% higher tensile strength and a 20% higher elastic limit compared to the 6061-T6 alloy (AlMg1SiCu) commonly used in frame construction. Compared to lighter carbon frames, an aluminum construction can have a weight disadvantage, but is generally less sensitive to stone chips and crash damage.



The geometry of the Argon GX combines sportiness and efficiency with control and handling across a wide range. The recipe for this is a relatively long top tube and reach dimension for efficiency and speed in combination with a slack steering angle and a longer rear for smoothness and driving stability on dirt roads and trails. The frame is also compatible with gravel suspension forks up to 40mm travel, which NICOLAI offers as an upgrade option. NICOLAI applies adaptive geometry to the Argon GX, which takes into account weight and proportion for different body sizes. As the length and height of the main frame increases, the seat angle becomes flatter on larger frames, while the steering angle becomes steeper. This ensures that the bike’s characteristics remain the same at each size. The Argon GX is offered in 6 frame sizes, from XS to XXL, suitable for riders from 155cm to 208cm. Few manufacturers offer such a wide range.


Rear Aligning Dropout

So that you can hit every lane on the trail, we mount a form-fit sliding, exchangeable dropout for track and camber adjustment on all frames. Due to the differently milled, right dropouts for adjusting the lintel, the rear only needs to be slightly readjusted after installation. This takes the strain off the material. The respective lintel height is milled into the RADO with the digits 0, 1, 2 or -1 and -2. After the toe and camber have been set, the RADO is fixed ex works with a pin. This makes the original setting easily reproducible during replacement. This is the only way we can guarantee that NICOLAI products work precisely on the track.



With a NICOLAI frame you determine the design. Every Nicolai frame can be produced in a color according to your preferences. NICOLAI operates its own powder coating facility at the factory and offers a choice of over 50 colors for the Argon GX, each in high gloss or satin finish. However, the frame can also be optionally hard anodized, with a choice of black, bronze and titanium. On request, the frame can also be supplied uncoated in the “factory raw” aluminum finish.

Adventure Bike Packing

Rack & Fender

Multi day bike tours through remote areas are very much in vogue, and more and more bikers would prefer to experience their adventure on a fast, lightweight gravel bike instead of a classic touring bike. The Argon GX has all the mounting points for mounting mudguards and pannier racks. NICOLAI has succeeded in hiding these so discreetly that the look of a purebred gravel sports bike is not affected. The mounting threads for mudguards on the dropouts and inside of the yokes you discover only with a closer look.



You can order, pay and pick up your custom frame directly from us or from your Nicolai dealer. For technical details we are directly at your disposal. First we need to know why you want to ride a custom frame. Mostly the reasons lie in the past.


Made in Germany

The manufacturing quality itself is not yet an added value for a customer. The following two added values “durability & precise driving characteristics”result from production quality. Only if the welds are welded deep into the root and have no notches, a bike frame can withstand the impacts from the ground for many years without breaking. Precise riding characteristics are achieved when the rear wheel is precisely straight to the front wheel and even a layman notices that an oblique bike rides strangely (but usually he thinks it’s because of his riding ability).


We provide a 5-year warranty on all frame models against breakage and material failure, even for competitive use and jumps. The prerequisite is that the respective models are used within the scope of their designated purpose and have only been equipped with components for which an approval has been obtained. In addition, we guarantee the availability of spare parts for all models for a period of at least 10 years.


NICOLAI offers the Argon GX as a custom build, where you can choose from various components and finish options via an online configurator to assemble a bike according to your own requirements and dreams.


NICOLAI frame kits and complete bikes are offered in Germany through our direct sales channel. We offer off the shelf models, or completely customized dream builds with a wide choice of components via our online configurator. Personal discussions and direct contact with customers are our top priority.