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Additional battery 
Luggage carrier 
BOSCH Connect Module GPS Tracker 


A cargo bike for all occasions

Our ambition was not to reinvent the cargo bike, but to bring the existing one to the next evolutionary stage through technical finesse. Thanks to the latest generation of electric drive systems from BOSCH, even the fully loaded NC1 can be ridden effortlessly and smoothly even by untrained people and over longer distances and inclines. 
When developing the Cargobike, the NICOLAI designers paid special attention to areas that seem contradictory at first glance. The NC1 should be stable, resilient & safe, but also light & agile. In practice, the whole thing looks like this: Two battery compartments are sensibly placed under the cargo area. They bring more weight towards the front wheel, which has a positive effect on the driving style due to the lowered centre of gravity. The robust steering linkage with double end stops prevents turning over when steering on the one hand, and on the other hand enables the smallest possible turning circle through a large steering angle. In other words, NC1 riders turn very smoothly even in tighter bends and keep their balance well.

GATES belt drive 

Quiet, maintenance-free, long-life

The quiet and virtually maintenance-free GATES belt made of carbon fibre is the perfect choice for a cargo bike. It lasts much longer than a chain and also transmits the additional torque of the motor without stretching. 

ENVIOLO continuously variable gears 

The ENVIOLO gearstick in the cargo variant CO is the first choice when it comes to coping with the hectic daily routine in city traffic in a relaxed manner. In every situation, the right gear ratio can be selected with the manual version, even under load and when accelerating. The automatic ENVIOLO even makes manual shifting completely superfluous and automatically ensures that the right gear ratio is always available. Both the manual and automatic ENVIOLO gearstick systems offer maximum comfort with minimum maintenance. 

ROHLOFF gear shifting as an option 


The proven ROHLOFF 14-speed manual transmission is available as an option for long tours where maximum range and efficiency are important. The ROHLOFF 500/14 Classic TS also achieves this with minimum maintenance and maximum stability. 

BOSCH drive system 


The BOSCH CX motor from the smart system of the latest generation makes all loads and climbs child's play with a powerful 85 Nm. The Kiox display shows all relevant data and can be paired with your own smartphone through the Flow app. 

BOSCH PowerTube and DualBattery 

Unknown ranges

With 750 Wh, the new PowerTubes are equipped with significantly more capacity than before. Together with the possibility of having a second battery on board, this results in previously unknown ranges. 

Lockable stand 

The lockable double stand secures the NC1 against access by others in just a few steps and ensures that the bike stands securely even when fully loaded. It is operated conveniently via a foot pedal. A gas pressure spring holds the stand and pedal rattle-free under the loading area while riding.

Lowerable seat post

Adjustment of the saddle height at the touch of a button

Smooth-running lowerable seat post for adjusting the saddle height and safe standing at traffic lights. The NC1 can thus be used by different riders without any modifications. 

Loading area with AIRLINE system 

The continuous 70x50cm loading area offers space for all kinds of loads up to 70 kg. The integrated AIRLINE system makes it easy to attach accessories. 

Low centre of gravity 

The low centre of gravity of the cargo bed, together with the two battery compartments at the lowest point of the Cargobike, results in optimum weight distribution. This ensures safe cornering and at the same time dynamic handling even with a load. 

Linkage steering with double stops and steering damper 

The steering of the NC1 provides a direct steering feel thanks to the large steering angle and low-friction ball bearings. The double stops in the headset and on the steering linkage effectively prevent the front wheel from turning over, even in tight parking manoeuvres. A maintenance-free steering damper in the headset of the fork effectively prevents rocking thanks to CANE CREEK's patented Visco system and increases comfort and riding safety even at high speeds. 

Stable 4-piston brake 

The stable MAGURA brake system with increased braking power and discs and pads specially optimised for e-bikes ensures the best performance in all situations. 

High-quality lighting 

The bright SUPERNOVA Mini2 headlight and the integrated BUSCH&MÜLLER LED rear light in the mudguard ensure optimum visibility and safety in road traffic. 

Easy-to-maintain cables and wires 

NICOLAI products are designed for durability and we avoid integrated cable routing as far as possible. If something does break, it can be repaired efficiently thanks to the maintenance-friendly design and routing of the cables and lines.

Powder Coating


In addition to the basic configuration, in which we offer the frame in Texture Black for the NC1 Cargo, there is also the option of an individual color selection. In our in-house powder coating facility, we process over 50 colors, each of which can be applied in high-gloss or in silk matte.

7020 Aluminium

All of NICOLAI frames are made of 7020-T6 aircraft aluminum and we are convinced that this alloy is the superior material for the construction of mountain bikes. Compared to the 6061-T6 (AlMg1SiCu) alloy normally used in bicycle construction, 7020-T6 (AlZn4.5Mg1) has about 30% higher tensile strength and about 20% higher elastic limit. And where carbon frames can spontaneously break and collapse in the event of an overload, NICOLAI bikes are calculated and designed to deform in a defined area of the frame in the event of an overload, significantly reducing the risk of serious crashes and injuries. A NICOLAI aluminum frame is designed to withstand many years even under tough competition conditions.


Made in Germany

We weld our frames manually using the TIG process. Our welders are specially trained and with many years of experience. For each model and frame size, a precise welding fixture is built, called a frame gauge. Here, the CNC-cut tube sets with all turned and milled parts of a frame that are to be welded are precisely put together and fastened. The frame parts are first tack-welded at exactly specified points and in a defined sequence and then, in order to minimize distortion and stresses, welded in several runs.


We provide a 5-year warranty on all frame models against breakage and material failure, even in racing use or when jumping. The prerequisite is that the respective models are used within the scope of their designated purpose and have been equipped only with the components for which there is an approval. In addition, we guarantee a spare parts supply for all models over a period of at least 10 years. Since we manufacture all parts of our frames in-house and on our own machines, it is even possible to reproduce spare parts beyond the 10-year period in some cases.


Inside Germany, the NC1 Cargo is brought to your doorstep by a NICOLAI delivery driver and handed over personally. The bike is not packed for this, but of course properly secured for transport. The NC1 Cargo is delivered ready to go and can be used right away. For shipment outside of Germany, the bike will be packed well protected in an elaborate reusable bike box and delivered to you by a freight forwarder and is then ready for use after a few touches. The same box is reused when the bike is returned to us for repair or service. All shipping protections of the bike box such as pads, lashing straps, brackets and screw connections are also reusable.


NC1 Cargo


NC1 Cargo


NC1 Cargo


NC1 Cargo